The Like-o-Meter

Image from the Like-o-MeterI was in the shower a few weeks ago when I had an idea. An idea that would permanently elevate the level of human communication. Or, alternatively, it would destroy human interaction forever. I had to discover which.

So, I called my artist friend Tobias and we spent the past few Sundays building it. It’s not being publicized yet, but here’s a sneak peak for my readers: The Like-o-Meter

You know how people can “Like” your Wall posts on Facebook? From the day you start using it, the Like-o-Meter counts the number of Likes you’re earned on your Wall, rating you against your friends. Not to place too much weight on it, but your rating essentially determines how valuable you are as a friend. Compete to become the most interesting person on Facebook.

The app will evolve quickly, so keep checking back in. And watch this space for an unrelated iPhone app that Tobias and I may be releasing in the near future.

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The Sharpie Series

Recently launched: two sites created entirely with my trusty Sharpie pen.

The first, Table Tenseness, is an entertaining manual for the most intense paddle game ever invented. Apparently it’s big in Scandinavia.

The second, the Free, Universal Query Engine, may just be a Google-killer. On the other hand, it may just be really dumb.

Cover of screenshot

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Sense Insensitivity

Freeing your inbox of unfortunate truths and inopportune diversions

Most email filters only protect you from one thing- spam. But how dangerous is spam? Have you lost sleep over Replica R0lex Watches? Did Cia1is ever make you cry?

Sense Insensitivity (SI), the latest experiment from LolaLabs, protects your inbox from two seriously terrible things- unfortunate truths and inopportune diversions.

Messages will always be held until the time is right. Isolated insensitive sentences will be corrected or removed. In some extremely insensitive circumstances, SI can even quarantine the message indefinitely after writing a scolding email to the sender.

When your boyfriend breaks up with you, over email, on your birthday, SI keeps the message in quarantine until the day is over. When your ex-girlfriend subtly mentions her fiancĂ©, SI replaces all occurrences of “fiancĂ©” with “friend.”

When your boss contacts you at 10 PM, SI sits on the message until business hours. When a friend sends you a link to an addictive flash game, SI hides it until after you finish your paper.

Sense Insensitivity. Coming soon, from LolaLabs.

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